David Griffiths, QLD

Just a short note to thankyou again for the knowledge you imparted to us at the recent LSS School.

We've just finished a muster, we intended to do 3 paddocks in 5 days, however we ended up doing 5 paddocks in 5 days. It was a real revelation to see cows mothered up and walking along well then streaming quietly into the yards.

The yard work was the same, smooth, quiet and efficient. Cows waiting patiently in the race for their turn to come into the bail. I have no doubt the techniques we learnt have made our experience much more enjoyable and the cows likewise.

Richo and Lindy Climas, WA

As usual we got a lot out of the school, but only one guess who got the most, although he would never admit...a huge change for the better in his handling. I got a lot out of it, however the best was talking after, about weaner handling, we tried the big groups idea at first we thought they weren't as good but by the third time out they were remarkably good but very different. I think we were getting the results from a little too much force before and we were actually making them a little dull if that makes sense. They were good before, but seem to have a lot more energy but quiet as well if that makes sense. We saved at least a day's labour with our weaners, which will add up to a lot by the end of the season. It was very exciting to see the change; also the crew was glad not to spend days with sore feet.

Kane Page, WA

I attended a Low Stress Stock Handling (LSS) school two years ago. After gaining this imperative knowledge I put the (LSS) techniques into practice immediately. I am absolutely wrapped with the way our sheep have calmed down and become easy to work, peaceful animals. We hosted a school with 31 participants last week and I am so glad that we (Bec and I) could be a part of all these people experiencing the (LSS) techniques so they may enjoy sheep work in the future like never before. I just wish I had been exposed to these methods 20 years ago. I truly believe everybody who runs stock on their properties today must attend a Low Stress Stock Handling school.

Lucy Staughton, NSW

Just wanted to thank you for coming to Gunnedah and doing the school. We had a fabulous weekend, and I think the others enjoyed it too.

A couple of years ago I was chatting to another lady, comparing yard working experiences with husbands, and she said that she did all the cattle work by herself, and I should try it. I did, and any smaller jobs I could 'poke' the cattle through the yards and get things done pretty calmly and easily.

But then there were those 'big jobs', those 'all hands on deck' musters! Oh my gosh!

I have a feeling that next time we do cattle work all snorting, foot stamping, facing up, charging, ramming, gate slamming and general bad behaviour will be eliminated.

And that's just the people. The cattle will, of course, be their usual calm selves!

I used to enjoy the cattle yards, but I have a feeling a new monster has been created, one that will notice when I'm not in line in the T, when I'm pushing when I should be retarding, when I'm pressuring in the wrong spot! I'm amazed at how Rob has soaked this up, from someone who was so indifferent to, and frustrated by cattle work, to an expert! It's great.

Rob Anderson describes this course as the 'divorce saver', and I can see why now!

Mel Kiel, NSW

Well we have truly put all the principles learnt at Gilgandra, at Ben's property, into practice- and guess what (not that I have to convince you!) they worked- not that I doubted you but it is good to get the results without you there.

You may remember from our group discussion our "charging Bourke cattle", well David was able to get 5 in last weekend and brought them back hear to Manildra (a bit of hot weather didn't stop them from wanting to EAT David) so after 2 days and 4 lots of 20-30minute sessions working them, I got their flight zone down to 15-20meters from at least 100mts, and after letting them out of the yards on day 2 they not only WALKED out (we have never seen them walk- only gallop) they calmly started eating pasture 5 mts from the gate and proceeded to only move around 200mts in this area all day- just grazing- as you could imagine I was extremely happy to see a small amount of time make such a HUGE difference.

Since the LSS workshop David and I have put all that we have learnt into practice (mostly on his working property) and have seen a marked difference in the stock and also the way in which we approach the stock, it all seems so clear to us now, enjoyable and hassle free and the word "divorce" is not in the equation anymore!

We had a small shearing yesterday and after drafting the lambs (4mths old) out with ease we were talking near the race afterwards and found the whole lot walked back through 2 pens and walked back up through the race very peacefully- amazing- not a word spoken or nothing in our hands.

We are so happy with the results and are so keen to get involved with all the ideas- we are just about to do our first "sell/buy" transaction next week.

Eleanor Lawson, NSW

I just want to say a mighty thank you again for the brilliant and revolutionary LSS School that I attended at Wellington on 15-16 of October this year. "The LSS School was better than excellent in every respect. It has revolutionised my approach to sheep handling and has greatly improved mustering & yarding operations and other aspects of sheep management like weaning".

Your teaching had great impact--the examples you gave by putting us "in the shoes of sheep or cattle" (e.g. the effects of sticks rattles, constant force/pressure) have stayed with me vividly and your focus on principles of strategies as well as strategies themselves has enabled me to understand it all more insightfully.

Shearing began almost immediately after the School and the mustering and yarding operations were so much calmer and more effective than they have been in the past. I feel in a more cooperative relationship with my sheep, I really believe that they want to cooperate when treated in the way you taught us.

And a co-worker and I are getting on so much better together when working with sheep--even though he has not done the course. But I work the sheep by myself a lot, and do not have a dog. I no longer worry that I will have trouble mustering a certain mob of sheep by myself. I just take it quietly--apply the LSS principles--and lo and behold they do what I want. That is a great boon to me--not having to call in help for mustering (it cuts my costs for casual labour too!). And following your advice, weaning has caused much less distress in ewes and lambs this year than previously, too.

As I said to you on the last day, Graham, the LSS School is the best and most helpful workshop I have ever done in my life--and I have done quite a lot!

Given that you are both teachers in the KLR School I know it will be great value and I would love to attend at Wagga Wagga KLR Marketing School.

David & Betsy Turner, QLD

Fantastic..........thank you. And thank you both for a memorable learning experience, we both enjoyed the school immensely. For me, it was a timely refresher, and for Betsy, a wonderful chance to understand the teamwork and precision needed to have an enjoyable time in the yard.

Kaylean Killen, QLD

Thanks so much for a great school to. I especially appreciated your desire to give to the next generation the tools we need to do a better job. It was also great to be surrounded by so many positive people again. My husband, Michael and I have found we had more to discuss since I now understood what he had been trying to explain since his LSS school last year. Look forward to attending another one down the track to fine-tune us both.